Business And Management

Fields Of Study - UG

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Business And Management

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Fields Of Study - UG

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management With Foundation Year

Airline, Airport And Aviation Management - BSc (Hons)

Airline, Airport And Aviation Management (Including Foundation Year) – BSc (Hons)

Advertising, Marketing Communications And Public Relations – BA (Hons)

Accounting And Finance – BA (Hons)

MA International Business

BSc (Hons) Business And Tourism Management With Foundation Year

BA (Hons) Global Business (Business Management) With Foundation Year

BA (Hons) Business And Management Progression Route (Level 6)

HND In Business

BA (Hons) Business And Enterprise With Foundation Year In Business

Bar Practice Course (BPC)

LLM Bar Practice

Translation – BA (Hons)

Tourism And Travel Management – BA (Hons)

Tourism And Travel Management (Top-Up) – BA (Hons)

Tourism And Travel Management (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

Marketing – BA (Hons)

Marketing (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

LLB (Criminal Law) – (Hons)

LLB Law – (Hons)

Law (With International Relations) – LLB (Hons)

Law (Top-Up) (Distance Learning) – LLB (Hons)

Law (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

Law – BA (Hons)

International Business Management – BSc (Hons)

International Business Management (Including Foundation Year) – BSc (Hons)

International Business Management (Top-Up) – BSc (Hons)

Economics, Finance And International Business – BSc (Hons)

Economics – BSc (Hons)

Economics And Finance – BSc (Hons)

Economics (Including Foundation Year) – BSc (Hons)

Business Management And Marketing (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

Business Management And Marketing – BA (Hons)

Business Management And Human Resource Management – BA (Hons)

Business Management (Top-Up) – BA (Hons)

Business Management (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

Business Management – BA (Hons)

Banking And Finance – BSc (Hons)

Banking And Finance (Including Foundation Year) – BSc (Hons)

Events Management – BA (Hons)

Fashion Marketing And Business Management – BA (Hons)

Events Management And Marketing – BA (Hons)

Music Business (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

Events Management (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)

Music Business – BA (Hons)

Accounting And Finance (Including Foundation Year) – BA (Hons)


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