BSc (Hons) Business And Tourism Management With Foundation Year

With the recent economic challenges in the travel and hospitality sectors, it’s even more important than ever to create a degree designed to support the sustainability and growth of an industry that supports millions of jobs worldwide.

This business and tourism management programme will provide you with the knowledge you need to open up opportunities for a future in the tourism industry. Whether that’s employment with local, national or international companies, or you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to create a new niche, never has the saying „the world is your oyster” been more appropriate.

Committing to study at degree level will give you transferrable skills that can be applied in any career context. Leadership, business operations, strategy and entrepreneurship are all essential to keep our industries pushing forwards.

For those with a specific passion for tourism, this programme will equip you with the expertise, skills and knowledge you need to get ahead. You’ll gain knowledge and understanding of the different characteristics of tourism.

  • How do you assess demand?
  • What is the environmental impact of travel?
  • How do we remain ethical and sympathetic to our global communities?

This programme will give you the foundational and specialist knowledge to make a difference in a globally significant industry.

Typical modules:

Year 0 (Foundation)

– Academic Skills for Business and Management (20 credits)
– Orientation for Success in Higher Education (20 credits)
– Understanding Business Organisations (20 credits)
– Understanding Customers (20 credits)
– Understanding the World of Tourism (20 credits)
– Foundation Year Project (20 credits)

Year 1

– Business Environment (20 credits)
– Tourism Marketing Principles (20 credits)
– Tourism Environment and Industry (20 credits)
– Organisation Behaviour (20 credits)
– Fundamentals of Business Finance (20 credits)
– Tourism and Society (20 credits)

Year 2

– Employability and Enterprise Skills (20 credits)
– Principles of Operations Management (20 credits)
– Entrepreneurship in Tourism (20 credits)
– Human Resource Management (20 credits)
– Tourism Impacts and Sustainable Development (20 credits)
– Research Methods (20 credits)

Year 3

– Tourism: Contemporary Issues (20 credits)
– Global Strategic Management (20 credits)
– Leadership and Change (20 credits)
– Destination Management (20 credits)
– Dissertation (40 credits)

Standard Entry Requirements (Under 21 years old)
Minimum 80 UCAS tariff points or 60 Credit Ofqual qualification at level 3.

Applicants who do not meet the above entry requirements will be considered on an individual basis

Applicants aged 21+

If applicants aged 21+ do not meet the standard entry requirements, we will also consider those with life/work skills which would make them suitable for undergraduate study with our Foundation programme.

All Applicants

All applicants must be assessed by the admissions team via an interview for listening and speaking skills and for writing via a statement of personal reflection.

Documents required:

– Application form
– Supervised Personal reflection statement
– Personal interview

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