Weekly Academic News
| Friday Meet

Welcome to the Weekly Academic News by Motivation Academy, we are here to talk about the most popular news from university industry and what has been happening in the last week. We will be covering random topics such as the most popular courses that students are looking for right now, what cities are the best to study in.

Weekly Academic News | Friday Meet

Podcast Weekly Academic News is a weekly show that covers the latest university industry news and updates. We will be interviewing industry leaders, students and professionals to give you the most up-to-date information about what’s happening in the world of education and how it affects you. In addition, we will provide tips on finding the right universities and courses that are suitable for your skills, interests, and career plan. Finally, we’ll throw in some fun trivia bits so you know where to study!

Episode 1, Season 1

Weekly Academic News | Friday Meet Welcome to our podcast where we will be talking about: -most popular courses in week commencing 13.02.2023 -most popular cities to study in week commencing 13.02.2023 We are having guests Kamil student from Leicester and Kasia polish recruiter. Kasia she will talk about upcoming Education Fair 18.03 in London. Kamil he will share his experience as he's fresh student.

Episode 2, Season 1

Welcome to this week's episode of our podcast! In this episode, we will be discussing the best cities to study in. We will be exploring various aspects of the cities such as their affordability, quality of education, student life, and more. We will also be sharing some insider tips for those who are planning to study abroad. Apart from discussing the best cities to study in, we will also be talking about the most popular courses this week. We will be sharing some insights on why these courses are trending and what makes them so popular among students. In addition, we will be congratulating three of our students who graduated recently.

Episode 3, Season 1 | PSYCHOLOGY

In this podcast, we will explore the fascinating world of psychology through the eyes of current psychology students. Our guest students will share their personal experiences studying psychology, including the challenges they faced, the most interesting topics they've learned, and how their studies have impacted their personal lives. Through their stories, we'll gain a better understanding of what it's really like to pursue a degree in psychology, and we'll learn valuable insights about the field that only students can provide. We'll also discuss the different career paths available to psychology graduates, and the skills and knowledge required to excel in this field. If you're interested in psychology or are considering pursuing a degree in this field, this podcast is for you. Join us as we explore the world of psychology through the eyes of those who are currently studying it. You won't want to miss the valuable insights and stories that our guest students will share! To book a free consultation visit www.motivationacademy.global

Episode 4, Season 1 | LAW

I'm thrilled to announce that our latest podcast episode will be released this Friday at 8pm, and it's all about studying law! We've got some incredible guests lined up, including current law students and practicing lawyers who graduated from university. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in law or simply curious about what it's like to study this fascinating subject, this episode is for you. Our guests will be sharing their personal experiences, insights, and advice for anyone looking to enter the legal profession. So mark your calendars and join us for this exciting conversation. And if you missed our previous episode, you can catch up on it here: https://www.motivationacademy.global/media/ We can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Episode 5, Season 1 | INTERIOR DESIGN

Looking to learn more about the world of interior design and how it can lead to a lucrative career? Tune in to our upcoming podcast where we will be discussing all things interior design, including how much money you can make after completing a course, the application process for universities, and more. We are excited to be joined by two students from London Metropolitan University who will be sharing their experiences studying interior design and providing insights into the industry. They will be discussing their journeys into the world of interior design, their inspirations, and how they are using their education to build successful careers in the field. Whether you are just starting out on your interior design journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, this podcast is the perfect place to learn from experts and gain valuable insights into the world of interior design. Join us for an engaging and informative discussion about the industry and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Episode 6, Season 1 | Project Management

Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we'll be delving deep into the world of project management. In this episode, we're joined by three very special guests, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the conversation. Our first guest is a student who's currently studying and working as a graphic designer and writer. They'll be sharing their insights into how project management plays a crucial role in the creative industries, and how effective management can make all the difference in ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest possible standards. Next up, we have Jacob, who runs a successful builder company. Jacob will be sharing his experiences of managing complex construction projects, and the challenges he's faced along the way. He'll also be giving us some tips and tricks for effective project management in this demanding industry. Last but certainly not least, we're joined by Milena, who's both a student and the owner of her own business. Milena will be discussing the role that project management has played in her business journey so far, and how she's had to adapt and evolve her approach as her business has grown and evolved. Together, our three guests will be discussing the key principles of project management, from planning and budgeting to risk management and team communication. They'll be sharing their own experiences, insights, and best practices, as well as answering some of the most common questions and challenges faced by project managers today. So, whether you're a seasoned project management professional, or just starting out on your journey, this episode is sure to be packed full of valuable insights and practical advice. Tune in now and join the conversation! Arrange free consolation with our agent on www.motivationacademy.global

Episode 7, Season 1 | ENGLISH FOR SUCCESS

The upcoming episode of the "English Courses with Shane" podcast will focus on the importance of English language skills for success in today's world. Hosted by Kamil, the episode will feature Shane Mackey, an experienced English teacher with a unique teaching methodology. He will emphasize the importance of building confidence in using the language to create a supportive learning environment for students. Two of Shane's former students, Gabby and Damian, will also join the discussion to share their success stories and how Shane's teaching helped them overcome their fear of speaking English. The episode will also touch upon how Shane's methodology prepares students for university interviews, which require both language proficiency and cultural awareness. Listeners will also get a glimpse of Ann, a Thai student's progress, through a ready video before and after studying with Shane. At the end of the episode, listeners can find a link to Shane's courses and the Motivation Academy, which provides comprehensive guidance and support for students pursuing higher education. Tune in to the podcast to learn more about how improving English language skills can open up many opportunities and be a crucial step towards achieving one's goals. To book a free consultation please visit https://www.motivationacademy.global/

Episode 8, Season 1 | MEDICAL LAW

Welcome to "MediLegal Lawcast," the ultimate podcast for all things related to medical law. Join our knowledgeable host Kamila as she brings you insightful discussions with esteemed guests, including legal experts and professionals from the medical field. In each episode, Kamila invites a special guest, a renowned tutor from a prestigious law university, to provide an in-depth exploration of university courses and programs focused on medical law. From curriculum insights to career prospects, this podcast serves as your guide to understanding the educational landscape of medical law. Whether you're a law student considering a specialization or a legal enthusiast interested in the intersection of law and medicine, "MediLegal Lawcast" is your gateway to discovering the educational opportunities in this field. Tune in and gain valuable knowledge about the courses, resources, and career paths available in the exciting realm of medical law.

Episode 9, Season 1 | BIOMEDICAL

Welcome to "Biomedical Uncovered" hosted by Kamila and Kasia, the podcast that takes you deep into the world of biomedical industry with the expert insights of Anita Duniecka. Anita, a seasoned professional in the field, joins us as a special guest to provide a comprehensive overview of the exciting career opportunities and challenges within the biomedical industry. From the latest breakthroughs in medical research to the intricate workings of healthcare technology, Kamila, Kasia, and Anita explore it all.

Episode 10, Season 1 | PSYCHOLOGY

Welcome to "PsycheMatters" hosted by Kamila and Kasia, your ultimate podcast for exploring the fascinating world of psychology. In each episode, our hosts invite Julia, an esteemed professional working in the field of psychology, to share her invaluable insights and experiences. Julia offers a comprehensive overview of the diverse and rewarding career opportunities within the psychology industry. From counseling and therapy to research and academia, join Kamila, Kasia, and Julia as they delve into the multifaceted nature of the field. Gain a deeper understanding of the psychological theories, techniques, and breakthroughs that shape our understanding of the human mind and behavior. Whether you're a psychology enthusiast, aspiring professional, or simply curious about the intricacies of the human psyche, "PsycheMatters" is your gateway to unraveling the mysteries of psychology. Get ready for thought-provoking discussions and valuable insights with our hosts and esteemed guest, Julia, as they explore the importance and impact of psychology in our lives.


Welcome to "Business Insights Unleashed" hosted by Kamila and Kasia, your go-to podcast for all things strategy, business, and management. Join our dynamic hosts as they invite Thor, an esteemed industry professional, to share his wealth of expertise and experiences. In each episode, Thor and our hosts explore the intricacies of the strategy, business, and management world, offering valuable insights and practical advice. Anita, another respected figure in the industry, provides her unique overview of the job and its multifaceted nature. From strategic planning and organizational development to leadership and entrepreneurship, "Business Insights Unleashed" covers it all. Whether you're a seasoned executive, aspiring entrepreneur, or curious listener interested in the business world, tune in to gain a deeper understanding of strategy, business, and management practices. Get ready for engaging discussions and expert perspectives as Kamila, Kasia, Thor, and Anita unravel the secrets of success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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