Motivation Academy Event Sponsor Of Karma Leicester Academy Football Club!

Sport is good for your health and also an opportunity to make some great new friends. In July we were event sponsors for Karma Leicester Academy. This is a football nursery for girls and boys aged 3 to 12. Promoting physical activity from an early age, like education, is the best investment in the younger generation. However, this time the opportunity to spend time with each other was given to parents who decided to face each other on the football pitch.

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Education Beyond Sport

Despite the inclement weather, the smiles did not leave our faces. There was also a lot of joy and positive emotions on the faces of the parents, mainly dads, who competed against each other on the pitch. The positive atmosphere was shared by all the participants, who did not mind the lack of sunshine.

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Sports education is just as important as the acquisition of knowledge. Therefore, football training is not just about playing football. It is also a well-planned series of different activities.

Leicester Academy’s karma is thoughtful football training:

  • 30% of the time is taken up by movement games;
  • 25% of the time is technique training;
  • 15% of the time are tasks to improve motor skills;
  • 10% of the time is sparring;
  • 10% of the time is mastering pitch terminology in English;
  • 10% of the time is organisational matters and relaxation.

It is noteworthy that training consists of many proven and planned elements. It develops a variety of competences that can be useful both on the pitch and in later life. 

The same applies to education and the acquisition of knowledge. At Motivation Academy, we support people who want to reorganise their plans a little. We often meet ambitious people whose everyday life looks like this: 80% of their time is taken up by work and 20% by family matters.

There is no room for leisure, hobbies and developing interests or learning. Our job is to help them find a balance in all this. Where to start?

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At the event, we spoke to many people who care about their children and want to ensure they have a good future. Coaching at Karma Leicester Academy is just one option. There was no shortage of parents who want to do more. In such a situation, the best investment is the one in themselves and their skills.

Numerous conversations have shown that the prospect of studying at an overseas university does not have to involve sacrifice. The higher education system in the British Isles is flexible enough for parents to find time for work, family matters and study.

Earning a university degree is an opportunity for a better paid and more interesting job. In turn, improved financial stability means new opportunities and, most importantly, more time for the family, space for relaxation and the pursuit of one’s passions.

A university degree opens many doors. Perhaps it will help parents not only to drive their children to training, but to find time themselves to get together with friends and kick a ball around together.

A Wealth Of Experience

The opportunity to sponsor such worthy initiatives as the one organised in conjunction with Karma Leicester Academy is a real honour. We are grateful that it was Motivation Academy that was chosen to partner this event. For us, it is an invaluable experience and an opportunity to meet many great people and different points of view.

We are glad that we were able to talk about important things in a relaxed atmosphere. This shows that such meetings are needed.

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During the event, we also met many people who have ambitious plans for the future and want more from life. On this occasion, we shared our experiences. We showed what opportunities overseas studies offer, what they are like in the Islands and also presented the benefits of developing one’s own competences.

As a result, we found the enjoyable sporting event very interesting and informative. We believe that we helped some people to look at some things differently.

Change yourself, you change the whole world!


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