Where Can I Get Support To Study Abroad?

Studying abroad offers many opportunities. You can meet new people, learn about the culture of a country and improve your foreign language skills. Graduates of internationally respected universities are sought after by major corporations. However, studying abroad often involves additional expenses. Not to worry! A student loan can cover them.

Where To Get Support And A Loan To Study?

It is worth knowing that funding for study abroad does not have to come only from universities. There are all sorts of foundations, private companies, as well as individuals or governments that you can turn to for support.Help will certainly come in handy, as going abroad involves significant expenses. 

Fun fact

The most generous student loans, available at American universities, for example, go up to one million zlotys.

In many countries, the cost of living is higher than in Poland. On top of this, there are also the logistical issues of transporting the most necessary things to the destination country and financial considerations. Moreover, universities in many countries charge their students tuition fees. Its amount depends on the course you have chosen and the prestige of the university. These costs also need to be factored into your budget.

What Conditions Must Be Met To Receive A Government Student Loan?

Funding for studying abroad comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s just support that will cover your tuition fees, and other times you can count on extra pocket money or childcare money for your child while you’re at university. A lot depends on the institution or body you apply to for assistance.

There are all sorts of criteria that need to be met in order to receive a loan. One time it will be good academic performance, another time it will be having to write an essay on a particular subject. It could also be a good academic record or your financial situation.

Fun fact

As much as 80% of the University of Florida’s loan budget goes towards financial aid for American citizens.

Example: A technology company where you apply for a loan for your studies can expect good academic results and an internship with them. Entrepreneurs check the potential of future job candidates in this way. For you, this is an opportunity not only for financial support, but also a future job prospect.

Funding For Study Abroad. Useful Search Engines

At Motivation Academy, we help prospective students to apply for their dream course of study, as well as with the associated paperwork. We also support prospective applicants in applying for a student loan in the UK 

It is worth noting that there are also other forms of support for those wishing to study in the UK such as a student loan, which you start repaying as soon as your salary is at an appropriate level.

If you want to study abroad or live in the UK and are thinking of going to university, please email us.. We’ll walk you through the options available to you, as well as the solutions to help you fulfil your dreams.

Student Loan Search Engines:

When searching for loans for international students, you can always enlist the help of Motivation Academy. If you want to delve into the topic of study abroad funding yourself, here is a list of websites worth visiting.

These are the places where you will find information about student loans:

Some of the sites require registration, and this entitles you to view available loan offers that may be of interest to you.

Overseas Student Loan: What Type Of Support Can You Count On?

The fact that universities or other entities have the capacity to provide student loans does not mean that you will immediately be granted one. Educational institutions often target programmes at a narrow group of people, such as residents of a particular part of the world or graduates of a specific secondary school.

The aim of the support may also be to guarantee an equal start for people from rural areas, etc. It is therefore worth reviewing the range of support programmes on offer. You may come across a solution that will guarantee you a trip to another country and a student loan abroad.

The most common types of student loans are:

  • academic
  • sports
  • artistic
  • for minorities and selected social groups

Interestingly, in the US, a loan can be obtained by people with a specific characteristic, such as a particular sexual orientation. Not only universities in North America, but also private entities and banks fund hundreds of programmes targeting LGBT, straight women or racial minorities.

You Can Find Information About Student Loans On The University’s Website.

If you are planning to study abroad, you can choose a university through the prism of the available government student loans or do the complete opposite. In this situation, you first choose a university or polytechnic and then check out the funding options on their websites.

The teaching institutions often have tabs with details of support programmes. There you will find invaluable information on, for example, loans for applicants and current students.

Remember that an overseas loan can be granted for the entire study period or for a selected period.In many cases, universities provide support in annual periods. Its extension is possible, e.g. subject to certain academic results.

Study Abroad And Academic Exchange Funding

In many countries, there are governmental entities that are responsible for academic exchange. In such a situation, a study abroad loan is granted to students from outside the country and is paid out of government funds. If you get into such a programme, you usually have the option to choose any university within the country. There may also be certain conditions for granting support, such as for a specific course of study.

A Foreign Loan Not Just For Studying

Have you already managed to obtain a university degree? This does not rule out the possibility of going abroad. On the market you can find loan offers aimed at people working or planning a career in a specific industry.

This usually means the opportunity to gain experience in a foreign company, as well as support from a mentor or participation in specialised courses. This is not tantamount to employment in the company in question, but the best apprentices can count on such an offer

The European Solidarity Corps is a non-governmental organisation that provides assistance through projects across Europe and the world. As part of the cooperation, you become a volunteer or can do an internship in a local project. Such cooperation provides you with food, pocket money, lessons in the local language, as well as clothing and footwear.

Getting A Student Loan Is A Process

Universities accept applications and organise tasks to select a group of people who can be supported.If you are planning to study in the British Isles, we encourage you to contact usWe will help you with your choice of university and application formalities. You will also receive support from us when applying for a loan. Fulfil your dreams not only related to your studies, but also to your future job. The future is in your hands.


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