Diamonds Of Business At The Gala Organised By Dr Milena Golda

Diamonds of Business were at a gala organised by Dr Milena Golda. The idea for the publication ‘Business Diamonds and their keys to success’ came from a passion for connecting people, a passion for entrepreneurship, and for helping others through business solutions. Diamonds take billions of years to form in the depths of the earth. This also requires high temperature and pressure. Under these conditions, carbon takes the form of these precious stones.
Our Diamonds of business are leaders. “Pressure” worldwide meant that they had to adapt quickly and efficiently to reality as pandemic turbulence rocked the world, their business and personal lives.
Companies had to engage their best ‘talent’ to work on their most important tasks from company survival to growth and innovation. A leader should be able to see who their ‘diamond’ is and have a clear picture of how and where human as well as financial capital is deployed. Whether they have a fancy HR system or a simple spreadsheet, this can be tracked and used in a disciplined way. Without such a holistic view, leaders simply cannot hire the best people for key positions. A leader in times of crisis should have the courage to make difficult trade-offs.
“Choose a job you love, and you won’t work another day in your life.” That’s what Confucius said and that’s what characterises our business diamonds – passion for what they do.
With the rapid change forced by Covid-19, many businesses have a sense of momentum and a fresh understanding of what is possible. There are constantly new challenges and opportunities in business.
During the 2008/9 crisis Lehman Brothers and other global financial institutions collapsed but startups were created that revolutionised the global market i.e. uber, airbnb or whats up.
Which companies will emerge or revolutionise their business now will be judged in a few years’ time. The crisis is not just a challenge, it is an opportunity to cut diamonds.
 Each of us has his or her own motto, their own personal keys that have helped them achieve their goals, objectives and success on their scale. I place in your hands a collection of articles, statements and business stories. Let this publication inspire you to create your own story.


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