International Agent Conference In Greenwich 2022

The University of Greenwich is a UK public university based in London that was founded in 1890 and hosted the latest edition of the international conference for agents helping students get into UoG in July 2022. Why did we show up to this event?

Our visit was no accident. Meeting the agents is a great opportunity to get to know the university better and talk to its representatives.

What Happened In Greenwich, Stays In Greenwich? Not Quite!

The university has been organising similar events for its partners for many years. The aim of the meetings is to showcase the University’s strengths and demonstrate how it works from the inside. On this occasion, we were able to ‘play with different toys’, specifically to take part in experiments that are carried out on one of the three campuses.

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It was also a great pleasure to hear from the keynote speakers, i.e. people who are involved with the University of Greenwich on a daily basis. Being able to listen to Alison Draper (Senior CAS Officer), Derek Morre (Faculty Pro Vice Chancellor) or even Nevin Mehmet (Deputy Head, School of Human Sciences) was a very valuable experience.

It has provided us with a lot of interesting information that may be of interest to future students. Want to know why you should choose to study at UoG? Get in touch with us.

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Study Directions At The University Of Greenwich

The university has evolved since its inception and absorbed further academic institutions to finally become a university in 1992. Today, it has three campuses and nearly 20,000 students studying a wide variety of specialisations.

Learning at the University of Greenwich is organised into four faculties:

  • Engineering and Science;
  • Education and Health;
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences;
  • Business School.

The university boasts two alumni who have been Nobel Prize winners. In 2019, the university was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for ‘research into pest control and the control of human and animal disease in the UK and internationally’. Also in the same year, there were 19,825 students studying at UoG, 11,185 of whom were women. The university boasted a budget of £215 million in 2019.

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During our visit, we had the opportunity to see how equipped the teaching facility is. We saw that the money is well invested in electronic infrastructure, as well as modern equipment to facilitate learning and discovery in many areas. We had the impression that knowledge was literally available there at our fingertips.

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Modern Studios In An Old-Fashioned Style

At UoG, the people associated with the university and the atmosphere they create make a positive impression. The buildings have a very dignified and prestigious appearance. The style is reminiscent of times long past, and this symbolises knowledge, life wisdom and experience.

However, if you think this is an archaic institution, you are mistaken. The university on the inside is a modern and thriving organisation that uses the best technology in education. Well-equipped lecture theatres provide opportunities to develop not only in theory but also in practice.

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Study At University Of Greenwich

Meeting the agents was a great opportunity to get to know the university and the teaching staff better. This allowed us to form our own opinions about the institution. We are looking forward to working together, as after our last visit we were convinced that the university meets the needs of students and the market. This combination means that when you get your UoG diploma, you have many opportunities to find interesting and well-paid work. 

Are meetings for agents organised due to a lack of applicants? This couldn’t be further from the truth! During one of the presentations, there was a screen with courses that will soon have full occupancy. This shows that the university does not need promotion. It does, however, carry out such activities so that future students have the chance to develop in a really comfortable environment.

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Why Study?

The British education system is regarded as one of the best in the world. A university degree opens up many opportunities – it is the ticket to a well-paid and interesting job. What’s more, the study formula is so flexible that both parents and very busy people can find time for it, as you will read in our blog.

Do you want to earn better in the future and enjoy what you do? The first step will be to choose a university, and to prepare your documentation. Don’t worry about the formalities, because we will help you get them done. Find out what else we can do for you.


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