10 Future Oriented Courses Of Study

Some people choose to study under pressure from parents or friends. Unfortunately, in such situations, the direction of further education is often accidental. There are also a lot of people who decide to study in order to broaden their knowledge and be able to work in their dream profession.Below you will find 10 fields of study that will lead you to interesting and well-paid jobs.

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Study Today, But Think About The Future

Which course of study to choose? This is one of the most common questions asked by high school graduates and people who want to pursue a university education after a break from education. You will hear different voices from parents, friends or acquaintances. Sometimes this involves pressure, e.g. if there are doctors or lawyers at home, the family may be pushing you specifically to study in one of these fields. What if you don’t feel attracted to a particular specialisation?

Kuba Wojewódzki shared a memory in his interview with Robert Lewandowski. The journalist’s father told him that it was better for him to be a happy clown in the circus than a sad doctor. This means, first and foremost, to follow your interests and passions that you enjoy.It is much easier and more natural to acquire knowledge when the subject interests you. 

Do you like chemistry? Learning the Periodic Table will be no problem for you. Are you interested in mechanical and plant engineering? You’ll quickly pick up the construction of a tokamak (fusion reactor). Do you love painting? You could realise yourself in marketing by creating graphics, posters or animations. Think about what you really enjoy and start working in that direction. Many universities and colleges offer degree programmes tailored to today’s market requirements. And what industries are you sure to find work in?

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10 Future Oriented Courses Of Study

Hays periodically publishes reports on recruitment processes by employers. As many as 43% of them admitted that they are looking for employees with technical skills. At the same time, 39% of companies confirmed that these are the competences most difficult to recruit for. There is no shortage of entrepreneurs who are looking for managers (32%), IT specialists (27%), people with sales skills (26%), language skills (16%) or financial and accounting skills (14%). The aforementioned skills can be acquired, for example, during a degree course. 

Which field of study is worth choosing?

The dynamic environment and the fast-paced development of technology mean that the market is in constant need of IT specialists with a variety of competencies. In this sector you can count on very good salaries and interesting work. There is also no shortage of jobs in other areas such as finance or medicine. Qualified specialists in sales and marketing are also needed. The pandemic has shown how important supply chains are, and logistics is closely linked to this. What is worth knowing about these fields of study?

IT Specialist Is One Of The Most Desired Professionals

The industry is booming, and this is not likely to end any time soon. Applications, systems, cloud solutions and even metaverse are the essence of the digital world, which you need to be able to translate into accessible solutions for people. Only then does the work make sense. Then its fruits are useful for specific industries or, more broadly, for humanity as a whole. IT specialists include programmers, big data analysts or specialists in hardware, i.e. computer hardware.

Are you interested in the digital world or perhaps in the principles of processor design and operation? Check yourself out as a specialist in this particular field. IT specialists are well-paid experts whose salary is significantly (often several times) higher than the national average (Poland/UK). 

Studying abroad opens up great opportunities. A diploma from a British university gives the chance to find an interesting and well-paid job, often better compared to other universities in Europe. In the 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) report, one can find Cambridge (5th place) or Oxford (10th place).

In comparison, Warsaw University and Jagiellonian University were ranked between 301 and 400. Even if you choose another British university from outside the list, chances are that it will be better regarded globally than its Polish, German or French counterparts

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Finance Needs Specialists.

The financial industry needs not only sales professionals, but also strategists, investors and brokers, not always working on the front line. Managers, i.e. people with a degree in team management, are also useful. Of course, this is mainly about competences related to finance, but a good manager, director or senior manager is certainly able to cope in different environments.

Finance is also about insurance or accounting, which are core services in global markets. There will certainly be no shortage of well-paid jobs for qualified professionals.

Lawyers Urgently Needed!

Signing a mortgage contract? Perhaps you could use a lawyer’s opinion to catch all the crocks. Are you buying a company, a large shareholding or maybe you need support with treasury matters?Again, you will need a lawyer. This profession is considered to be very prestigious. However, it is not about glitz, but a challenging and well-paid occupation. 

You have many career paths to choose from: from solicitor to judge. You can be self-employed or employed by a large law firm. Choose the specialisation that interests you most, such as criminal law, corporate insolvency or IPOs, i.e. the first issue of securities on the stock market. The market needs these types of specialists and a good lawyer is at a premium.

The other professions are well known. The fact that they are included in this and many other lists (e.g. Hays) confirms the demand for specialists in these industries. Remember that university and course of study are one thing. In addition, employers are looking for people with specific competences

What Skills Are Employers Looking For?

You already know the expectations from the Hays report, now it’s time for CareerBuilder’s survey.Recruiters looking for employees prioritise a high work ethic and reliability (73% of indications), positive attitude (72%), intrinsic motivation (66%), ability to work in a team (60%), organisation and multi-tasking (57%), ability to work under pressure (57%), communication skills (56%), flexibility (51%) and confidence (46%).

Language skills are worth mentioning. English is the dominant language in business around the world, but knowing other languages is an added advantage that can come in handy. Studying abroad is a good opportunity to acquire specific competences that are useful for later work. By choosing a UK university, you will improve your vocabulary and communication skills which will prove very helpful in your day-to-day work.

How To Improve Your Competences?

A good starting point is university. If you work or live outside Poland, opt to study abroad. You’ll improve your oral and written skills, and at the same time have the chance to get a valuable degree, such as from a British university. However, there are more ways to polish useful skills.

You will improve your competences in several ways:

  • Take part in an internship, volunteering or apprenticeship
  • Think about study clubs and active participation in student government
  • Take part in training and courses
  • Visit job fairs and other events for students
  • Look for casual work
  • Have a look at the Careers Service

Remember that university in the British Isles is your partner and ally. Unlike other European countries, in England you will get a lot of freedom when it comes to studying. You can easily combine your studies with work or raising a child. What’s more, you also have the chance of additional funding.

On our blog you will find the story of Rafal Rzemieniewski,who successfully combines his studies and work. You have many opportunities to change your current occupation to one that is more interesting or better paid. A university degree will be your ticket to this.

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Ow Does One Go About The Paperwork?

You don’t need to worry about documentation issues. At Motivation Academy, we have a lot of experience (check out the interviews on our blog) in both dealing with the paperwork for your university application and helping you organise your funding. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

Which Course Of Study To Choose?

In this article we have listed ten courses of study that are worth choosing. After graduating, you will find an interesting and well-paid job that is and will be in demand in the future. When choosing a study profile, pay attention to your interests.

Computer science does not just mean programming. You can become a game tester or work on building processors. Finance is not just about selling loans, but also international stock and currency markets. A doctor or a marketer are professions with versatile growth opportunities.

Whatever you choose, follow your passion. This will help you overcome difficulties and, in the process, learning will come easier to you. 

Where to start? Start by choosing a university and entrust the formalities to us. Enrol today and move towards your dreams.


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