The Most Popular Courses Of Study In The UK

Due to the combination of traditionally high quality education and innovative approaches to learning, all UK universities and degree courses are popular among international students. The most popular courses include:

  • Business:

Business-related majors have been attracting international students to UK universities for years. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in business obtained in England inspires worldwide recognition.

  • Natural sciences:

Natural science graduates who have obtained their degrees from UK universities, as well as their academics, contribute significantly to important discoveries and research.

  • Engineering and technology:

The popularity of engineering degrees at UK universities is primarily due to their practical nature. They are mainly based on research and collaboration on various projects with many companies and organisations in the UK. These companies welcome graduates of such courses with open arms. The UK is also one of the undisputed leaders in IT majors.

  • Medicine:

The wide choice of courses, the excellent quality of education and the many opportunities offered by a degree make the UK a popular choice for those interested in studying medicine. The most popular courses are dentistry, nursing and pharmacy.

  • Law

British universities are among the oldest universities in the world teaching law. Criminology, civil law and criminal law are the most popular.

  • Social sciences:

The social sciences at British universities, especially psychology and sociology, are prized for their excellent quality. They are taught by excellent lecturers with state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipped classrooms.

  • Sport 

Sports-related fields of study have grown in popularity in recent years. The market needs specialists who can help athletes to stay healthy and fit and to perform better and better.

  • Media and communications:

The UK is home to some of the biggest and most important companies involved in television and film production. Degrees such as journalism or screenwriting attract students even from remote corners of the world, as they guarantee interesting and well-paid jobs in their chosen profession, including in the UK.


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