How Long Does It Take To Complete A Degree In The Uk?

Studying in England is not as time-consuming as studying in Poland. The academic year only lasts 37 weeks and it is demarcated by a three-week summer break.
There are two levels of study in the UK. The first level is a three- or four-year undergraduate course and the second level is a one- or two-year postgraduate course.

Some courses, such as medicine, have a more extensive curriculum, and therefore they can take between four to six years to complete. Master’s studies usually last only one year, although they also come with exceptions, like some courses that offer a one-and-a-half or two-year master’s degree programme.

The vast majority of Bachelor’s degree programmes last three years:

  • BA – (Bachelor of Arts) – Bachelor’s degree in arts, humanities or business
  • BSc – (Bachelor of Science) – Bachelor of Science degree
  • BEng – (Bachelor of Engineering) – Bachelor of Science in engineering
  • BArch – (Bachelor of Architecture) – Bachelor of Architecture.

Postgraduate study includes all postgraduate courses, master’s and doctoral degrees.

On completion of the master’s degree, you can obtain one of two degrees:

  • MA – (Master of Arts) – Master’s degree in an arts, humanities or business subject
  • MSc – (Master of Science) – Master’s degree in a scientific subject.
  • Some universities also offer more specialised degrees such as:
  • MBA – (Master of Buissnes Administration)
  • MRes – (Master of Research)
  • MPhil – (Master of Philosophy)

By studying in the UK, you will make international friends, master the English language to perfection and improve your position in the job market.


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