National Account Manager – A Description Of The Job You Can Do After Completing Your MSc Global Accounting Degree

National Account Manager – a description of the job you can do after completing your MSc Global Accounting degree

Have you just finished your MSc Global Accounting course at a UK university and don’t know where to apply for a job? Are you a person who loves meeting new people and is quick to build long-term relationships? Plus, do you love all kinds of analysis and creating a variety of action plans? Maybe National Account Manager is the right job for you! Find out more about this position and start your career as soon as possible!
Who is a National Account Manager and what does he/she do? A National Account Manager is a person who deals with the development and maintenance of a company’s client accounts. In his/her work, he/she focuses on ensuring that the processes involving the management of clients and the applicable regulations within the company are not only complied with, but also kept up-to-date in accordance with current legislation. Furthermore, the National Account Manager’s duties include:
preparation of action plans within customer management, maintenance of the company’s code of ethics.

What else are the responsibilities of a National Account Manager? In this position you will be responsible for:

negotiating contracts,
performing analyses,
attending sales meetings,
maximising the company’s business potential,
maintaining customer relations,
participating in the recruitment of employees,
developing business relationships

As you can see, it is a very demanding job, but at the same time challenging and full of contact with other people. If you still think you are suitable for the position of National Account Manager, read on!
What kind of background do you need to have to be a National Account Manager?
To work within customer service and management, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, sales or similar subjects is usually required. However, in order to advance into a National Account Manager position, many people choose to complete a master’s degree. These are usually related to business, marketing, communications, management or finance. Completing a degree, such as the MSc Global Accounting, has the advantage that it is often enough to get a National Account Manager position. If you have the right theoretical knowledge, you will gain practical knowledge from people already working in the company. This is a big help in starting your career in this industry. Do I need to do a degree to become a National Account Manager? Work experience is a valuable currency in the labour market. While not all employers necessarily require a university degree to work as a National Account Manager, it is more difficult for those without formal education to compete with potential employees with a degree and relevant experience. Even if an employee has several years of relevant experience required in the industry, their career path without formal education can be very bumpy. At least a bachelor’s degree is standard in many professions, including business, marketing and sales.
Today, there is a growing trend among employers – people are being hired as National Account Managers who not only have several years of business management experience, but also a Master’s degree in business administration (or a related field). What industry can I work in as a National Account Manager?

What industry can I work in as a National Account Manager?

Most people who work as a National Account Manager end up in sales. Only a small percentage find employment in retail, marketing and real estate. You need to be aware of this if you have decided to become a National Account Manager.

How much does a National Account Manager earn?

In the UK, a person working as a National Account Manager can expect average annual earnings in the region of GBP 45 000. Beginners can expect to earn up to GBP 28 000 per annum, while the most experienced employees earn up to GBP 52 000 per annum. To this must be added bonuses, which vary between GBP 2 000 and GBP 10 000 per year. Earnings therefore fall into the middle salary range. However, this is a very dynamic industry in which you can quickly advance and significantly improve your financial performance

Who can become a National Account Manager?

A National Account Manager is a job that requires frequent contact with people and, as you probably know, people can be different. So you need to be an open-minded person who can build relationships with others and inspire trust. Empathy and knowledge of human behaviour are other elements that will be very useful in your work. In this job you will also need qualities and skills such as analytical thinking,
good presence and flexibility. You will also need to have an attitude of continuous development, as knowledge of the industry and technological innovations is a must.
The knowledge you gain from the MSc Global Accounting will be a very good basis for starting your career as a National Account Manager. Through these studies, you will grasp the basic mechanisms that govern the industry and learn how to analyse data to achieve the best sales results. They will also help you to understand customer needs and communicate with them. This is very important if you want to succeed in this profession.

Don’t wait and enrol for the MSc Global Accounting degree programme now. The job prospects after this course are broad and very promising, especially if you plan to become a National Account Manager in the future.


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