Motivation Academy – Interview With A Proud Mother And Student Of The University Of Law In London, Żaneta Szczęsna

Motivation Academy – interview with a proud mother and student of The University of Law in London, Żaneta Szczęsna

What do you do on a daily basis, apart from studying at The University of Law? Do you still have time for private life and pleasures outside of home and study?

I am a mother of a 4-year-old daughter and a wife. In addition to studies, I take care of the child, house, and also work 2 days a week in a restaurant. I have time for my private life, in my free time we make small family trips.

Yes, consolation certainly takes a long time. Did you feel apprehensive about the final decision to start your studies? How do you combine mom’s duties with university studies? 

Yes, I must admit that at first I was afraid that I would not be able to reconcile my studies with motherhood. However, these were just blockages in my head. I got it right and organized it well without any stress. 

You chose full-time studies. Does it not require constant presence at the university?

No. The mode in England is completely different from that in Poland. I only have classes 3 times a week, 4 hours each day, so a week only goes out for 12 hours. 

Are there people among your friends who, just like you, have children and have decided to study? Or maybe you met other moms and dads already at the university?

Yes of course. My best friend in the group has a son. I also met people from other groups who have families, children and other responsibilities. 

Only the parent can understand the other parent who has not slept all night. Do you support each other in difficult times? 

Yes of course. At the university, in my group, I met a lot of friendly people who motivate me and support me, for example, before exams. 

Where did you come from thinking of studying at The University of Law in London? You must be a brave and ambitious woman. Would you like to return to the labor market with higher competences after giving birth, or maybe it is a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills?

The main reason why I decided to study at the University of Law was to fulfill my dreams, gain new skills and education that would help me find a better job and give me a good future in the UK. 

You have chosen a very interesting direction – Professional Policing. How did you come to that? Is it the result of your interests, or maybe a family tradition?

It is the result of my interests. I have long dreamed of being a policewoman. My dream is finally coming true!

Tell me about the recruitment process. Is this the first “test” of meticulousness and mindfulness for a future policewoman?

The recruitment process involved writing an online English test. I started my studies with Foundation Year. Even though I had a 12-year break from education, I quickly fell into the rhythm of learning. 

You used the help of the Motivation Academy agency when submitting your application and formalities. How do you rate this collaboration?

Yes, I used her help. I rate the cooperation very well and professionally. The person who led me through the entire process was Katarzyna Pawlińska. She is a very nice, helpful and patient person. She answered my every question and dispelled all my doubts. I heartily recommend it.

Do you think that the help of agent Katarzyna Pawlińska deserves a positive recommendation? If so, who should benefit from its support?

Of course it is, no doubt about it! I believe that everyone who wants to change their life should take advantage of it. Also people who are tired of their current, unsatisfactory full-time job, but are afraid to start something new, which results from the fear of the unknown. 

You chose The University of Law in London. How is studying at this university? What are its positive sides?

The positive side of this university are very professional lecturers with extensive experience. Probably the most important advantages for me are also openness and tolerance on the part of students and an interesting way of conducting classes. 

Was there anything that irritated you at this university?


What are the classes in your field of study like? Is it the theory itself or is it also practical exercises?

I have now finished Foundation Year. I am starting my course in September. Classes will include the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but in most cases it will be practice. Usually they are done in such a way that you work in groups with other students. This helps in the exchange of knowledge and increases the pace of learning. 

Did you get all the materials necessary for learning, or did the professors tell students which publications to use?

Yes, I got all the materials. We have an online student base, plus the professors also provided us with their additional sources of knowledge. 

How were the credits done?

The tests took place online. We had a set deadline to do the online work and upload it to our student platform. 

What is your overall impression of studying at this university? What kind of people did you meet?

My impressions are very positive. I have met people from almost all over the world. Very nice and open-minded. I felt very comfortable in the class and made my first friendships. I note that when I was going to university, I didn’t know anyone.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of studying at The University of Law?

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just try it and you won’t regret it! 

Do you feel that your family and friends are proud of you? Do you feel the satisfaction that you can fulfill yourself and be realized?

Very. Everyone around me is impressed that I decided to go to university when I was a mother and after such a long break from the baccalaureate. Both my friends from Poland and England are proud of me. They often ask how I do it. 

What are your plans for the future?

I have clear plans. After graduating from university, I intend to start working as a policewoman and, with time, be promoted to inspector and motivate others to change for the better. 

Thank you for the interview and good luck in building a great career!

Thank you too. It was a pleasure for me to share my story.


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