Social Work – BSc (Hons)

Why study this course?

Accredited by Social Work England, this demanding Social Work BSc degree will enable you to practise as a social worker. You’ll benefit from our extensive links with statutory organisations, local authorities and the voluntary sector, as well as from the experience our lecturers bring to the classroom.

This course is in high demand and applications outnumber the places that are available each academic year. For routes into social work, you could also consider other related and equally exciting pathways on our Community Development and Leadership BSc (Hons)Youth Studies BSc (Hons) or Health and Social Care BSc (Hons) courses.

More about this course

Social work is a profession that has its history rooted in the principles of equality and social justice. This social work course is informed by research, evidence, current police and practice. You’ll learn in a structured and dynamic environment with considerable interaction with experienced academic staff, social care service users, as well as key partners and practitioners. Your learning will be enriched by fellow students from within health and social care sector who’ll share their experience, cultivating collaborative practice for providing service user-centred health and social care.

Our Social Work BSc (Hons) is a professionally accredited course that is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and values required to begin a career as a social worker. Successful completion of the course will enable you to register with Social Work England. It’s been designed specifically to give you the capabilities and skills needed to qualify and practise as a social worker.

We’ve integrated the nine key frameworks for social workers into our modules, including professionalism, values and ethics, diversity, rights, knowledge, judgement, critical reflection and analysis, context and origins, and professional leadership. Knowledge, skills and values in these core areas will help you to become a reflective, resilient and effective social work practitioner.

During your three years of study towards the Social Work BSc, you’ll complete at least one placement providing you with experience of statutory social work tasks that involve legal interventions into care and provision of services to contrasting service user groups.

Professional accreditation

This course is accredited by Social Work England.

Modular structure

The modules listed below are for the academic year 2022/23 and represent the course modules at this time. Modules and module details (including, but not limited to, location and time) are subject to change over time.

Year 1 modules include:

Assessing, Planning and Professional Ethics (core, 30 credits)

Lifespan Development (core, 30 credits)

Readiness for Direct Practice (core, 30 credits)

Social Context for Social Work (core, 30 credits)

Year 2 modules include:

Law for Social Work Practice (core, 30 credits)

Practice learning 1 – first placement (core, 60 credits)

Theoretical Perspectives in Social Work (core, 15 credits)

Creative, critical reflective approaches to practice (option, 15 credits)

Disability and Inclusion (option, 15 credits)

Resistance, Creativity and Joy in the Capital (option, 15 credits)

Year 3 modules include:

Becoming Research Minded for Practice (core, 30 credits)

Practice learning 2 – second placement (core, 75 credits)

Community activism and digital campaigning (option, 15 credits)

Counselling in groups (option, 15 credits)

Diverse London (option, 15 credits)

Homelessness and Housing Policy (option, 15 credits)

Housing Issues and Housing Solutions (option, 15 credits)

International relationship-based practice for social change (option, 15 credits)

Where this course can take you

Once you successfully graduate from this course, you will be qualified to register with Social Work England and practise as a social worker. 

As the course leads to a generic social work qualification, you will not be limited to any particular field of social work. Graduates take up posts in both statutory and non statutory settings and with different care groups including children and families, adult social care, mental health and working with older people and those with learning disabilities.

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