Psychology And Sociology – BSc (Hons)

Why study this course?

This course combines the insights of psychology with those of sociology, enabling you to better understand human behaviour and the different genetic, biological, individual, social and developmental factors that can influence it. You’ll have the opportunity to specialise in areas of interest, such as ethnicity, youth and workplace psychology.

More about this course

This joint honours degree will allow you to look at human behaviour from two different perspectives. Psychology integrates theory and evidence-based knowledge from areas including genetics, biology, individuality and development. Sociology looks at contemporary social issues, practical sociological research and social relations.

Over the course of this degree you’ll develop an understanding of both disciplines and gain the essential research and analytical skills required in both subjects. You’ll look at humans as individuals and communities, while exploring issues that are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s society such as global inequality, gender and sexuality and religion.

This degree offers the best of both worlds. While not a qualifying psychology degree, it opens doors for further study and a career in a wide range of sectors. It will equip you with an understanding of social themes, as well as practical and transferable skills that are applicable within any sphere of your work life. If you’re interested in becoming a qualified psychologist, you’ll be able to complete a conversion degree after graduation.

You’ll have the opportunity to undertake a work placement in your third year, giving you the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience. In the past, our students have completed relevant placements in public and third sector organisations such as the NHS, Notting Hill Genesis and St Mungo’s.

This is a tight-knit course group, which means we’re able to offer you outstanding support during your studies. You’ll experience support from fellow students on the course and through one-to-one meetings with your academic tutor. 

Accreditation of Prior Learning

Any university-level qualifications or relevant experience you gain prior to starting university could count towards your course.

Modular structure

The modules listed below are for the academic year 2022/23 and represent the course modules at this time. Modules and module details (including, but not limited to, location and time) are subject to change over time.

Year 1 modules include:

Child Development and Behaviour (core, 15 credits)

Cognition and Behaviour (core, 15 credits)

Personality (core, 15 credits)

Researching Social Life (core, 30 credits)

Social Influences on Thinking and Behaviour (core, 15 credits)

Sociological Imagination (core, 30 credits)

Year 2 modules include:

Individual Differences (core, 15 credits)

Interactive Research Methods (core, 30 credits)

Self and Society (core, 15 credits)

Social and Cultural Understanding of Us and Others (core, 15 credits)

Sociology of Everyday Life (core, 15 credits)

Cognition (option, 15 credits)

Development Across the Lifespan (option, 15 credits)

Global Inequalities in the 21st Century (option, 30 credits)

Racism and Ethnicity (option, 30 credits)

Youth Resistance and Social Control (option, 15 credits)

Year 3 modules include:

Living Theory (core, 30 credits)

Psychology and Sociology Dissertation (core, 30 credits)

Clinical Psychology (option, 15 credits)

Cognition and Emotion (option, 15 credits)

Counseling Psychology (option, 15 credits)

Cyberpsychology (option, 15 credits)

Forensic Psychology (option, 15 credits)

Gender and Sexuality (option, 30 credits)

Health Psychology (option, 15 credits)

Religion and the State (option, 15 credits)

Sociology and Social Policy Work Placement (option, 15 credits)

Special Topics in Personality and Social Psychology (option, 15 credits)

Specific Learning Differences (option, 15 credits)

Work Psychology (option, 15 credits)

Where this course can take you

This course opens up job opportunities in the private and public sectors. Examples of our sociology orientated graduates include those now working as a human resources officer at Clarins and a prison custody officer at Sodexo, while our psychology inclined graduates have gone on to become support workers at Creative Support, a special needs teaching assistant at Edustaff and more.

The skills you’ll develop are transferable across an even wider range of sectors, such as advertising, public relations and marketing. It’s also great preparation for postgraduate study.

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