Police Studies, Procedure And Investigation – BSc (Hons)

Why study this course?

Our Police Studies, Procedure and Investigation BSc course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the role of the modern police service. It will enable you to gain a wide range of knowledge about police investigation techniques and the skills that are required to become a police officer. The course offers the opportunity to train as a special constable and gain valuable work experience in the policing sector.

More about this course

Policing in the UK is undergoing some of the most radical changes since Sir Robert Peel first launched the Metropolitan Police in 1829. The challenges that the modern day policing practitioner faces are often high risk and fast moving in a context of increasing accountability. There’s now a strong professional commitment at a senior level, which openly encourages policing practitioners to develop to a degree level.

This unique course in our criminology subject cluster is focused on preparing you to become a senior member of the police force. Building upon both practical and theoretical insights, the course will develop your knowledge across a wide range of policing contexts. It’ll also encourage critical and analytical thinking, whilst preparing you for a role in twenty-first century policing.

This course promotes expertise, understanding and good practice amongst policing practitioners. 

Lecturers on this degree have significant experience of working in the police service and are distinguished academics engaged in important links into police practice. There are strong links with the City of London Police, the Metropolitan Police ServiceBritish Transport Police and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

Accreditation of Prior Learning

Any university-level qualifications or relevant experience you gain prior to starting university could count towards your course.

Modular structure

The modules listed below are for the academic year 2022/23 and represent the course modules at this time. Modules and module details (including, but not limited to, location and time) are subject to change over time.

Year 1 modules include:

Criminal Law I (core, 15 credits)

English Legal System (core, 15 credits)

Introduction to Criminological Theory (core, 30 credits)

Introduction to Policing (core, 30 credits)

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (core, 30 credits)

Year 2 modules include:

Crime in Context (core, 30 credits)

Perspectives on Policing (core, 30 credits)

Policing in Practice (core, 30 credits)

Crime, Media and Technology (option, 15 credits)

Racism and Ethnicity (option, 30 credits)

Youth, Crime and Violence (option, 15 credits)

Year 3 modules include:

Criminology Project (core, 30 credits)

Frameworks in Investigation (core, 30 credits)

Victims and Crime (core, 15 credits)

Crime Control and Penology (option, 30 credits)

Criminology Work Experience (option, 15 credits)

Serious and Serial Offenders (option, 15 credits)

Social Control, Drugs and Organised Crime (option, 30 credits)

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (option, 15 credits)

Where this course can take you

At the end of the programme you’ll gain the skills and qualifications needed to become a police officer or police employee. You’ll also gain the skills necessary to become a police analyst and those required for policing in schools and neighbourhoods.

There are further opportunities to study security and policing courses at master’s and doctorate level, including the Policing, Security and Community Safety Prof Doc and Criminology MSc courses.

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