Master Of Business Administration – MBA

Why Study This Course?

Future-proof your career. Develop key capabilities like critical thinking, problem solving and communication. You’ll also build your knowledge and understanding of global organisations.

You’ll develop your understanding of business operations and the external factors affecting organisations, plus how to navigate business decisions in a changing environment.

The programme is flexible, so you can start in the month that’s most suited to you and take breaks between modules if you choose to study part-time. You’ll focus on studying one topic at a time.

More About This Course

The world of business and work is changing rapidly. With automation, AI, online working, climate change and diversity, you’ll need to be prepared to face and respond to change. The 2020 global pandemic has taught us that we need to be prepared and this course considers change as an opportunity that should be embraced.

Our MBA has been designed using advice and insight from large organisations and business entrepreneurs. This course aims to prepare you for greater business responsibility, switching industries or job roles, or to start your own business.

You’ll gain practical skills and experience through business simulations, where you’ll be making real business decisions to ensure the imitation businesses make a profit and can operate. The first simulation focuses on understanding business finance and accounting, while the second focuses on global strategy. These will involve analysing finances, the supply chain and operations. Most importantly, you’ll gain experience of working in a team to make decisions in a competitive environment and then deal with the results. We are one of the few universities in the UK that incorporates business simulation activities into our course.

You’ll refine your complex problem solving skills and develop your critical thinking abilities. Our MBA will help develop your management skills, how to work effectively in teams, take on the leadership of a diverse group and influence others.

The business world is a volatile environment. You’ll study the impact of accelerating climate change, technology development and global politics on the UK’s business economy, learning how to make fundamental business decisions in uncertain times and with incomplete data.

Insights into the wider role of businesses in addressing societal problems in a sustainable manner will also develop your understanding of ethical management and governance.

You may have had a break from studies and been in the work environment for some time. To help you prepare for the MBA, we’ve developed a one-week bootcamp module to help build your skills and knowledge prior to starting the course, so that you can really maximise your learning potential on the course. This bootcamp will help you establish what your specific goals are and serve as a personal development plan to help keep you on track throughout your studies. It’s completed online the week before you start your first module.

You’ll be taught by industry specialists in finance, strategy, creativity, marketing, operations coaching and networking, who have years of practitioner experience.

Our aim is for you to graduate with a broad understanding of how businesses operate, how they are managed and how they’re governed. This MBA will prepare you for a more senior role in business, a change in career direction or to go on and start your own business.

A Flexible MBA

We offer various start dates from September to May, rather than just traditional start points in September and January.

Each module runs once a year and takes five weeks to complete. As you don’t need to take the modules in a particular order, you can simply join the course at the start of each module, rather than having to wait months. The summer period is either a break from studies or, if you’ve completed all six modules, can be used to complete your final project.

The course will take one year to complete on a full-time basis or up to three years on a part-time basis. If you join after the September intake you’ll have a summer break from early June to mid-September.

Accreditation Of Prior Learning

Any university-level qualifications or relevant experience you gain prior to starting university could count towards your course.

Modular Structure

The modules listed below are for the academic year 2022/23 and represent the course modules at this time. Modules and module details (including, but not limited to, location and time) are subject to change over time.

Year 1 Modules Include:

Breakthrough Leadership Skills (core, 20 credits)

Business Problem Solving (core, 20 credits)

Digital Business Delivery (core, 20 credits)

Financial Decision Making (core, 20 credits)

Global Strategy and Innovation (core, 20 credits)

Level 7 Business Study Boot Camp (core, 0 credits)

Marketing in the Digital World (core, 20 credits)

Building Business Insights (alternative core, 60 credits)

Professional Development and Work Placement (alternative core, 60 credits)

Where This Course Can Take You

This course is designed to prepare you for a more senior role in business, a career change or to take the plunge and start your own business.

Successful graduates are multi-skilled across all areas of business and would be qualified to gain roles in a number of different business and management industries, including business development, area management, international sales, business operations, client services and customer service.

Recent graduates now work for organisations including Tesla, Aldi, Natwest / RBS, Lloyd’s Banking Group and PwC.

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