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3 age groups: 13-15, 16-18, 19 +

Sending your teenager to a summer course abroad at a prestigious university is an investment in their future that can lead to not only linguistic development, but also personal and professional growth.

We work with some of the most recognisable universties in the world!

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Often young people who are capable of exceptional academic, personal and commercial success are simply not aware of opportunities that are available to them.

Imperial College, London

The University of Cambridge

Yale University

The University of Oxford


Choose from a wide range of fascinating courses, taught by experts in their field.


Live, dine and study on awe-inspiring campuses at top universities.


Meet people from all over the world - 170 nations represented in recent years.


Experience exclusive lectures, trips, tours and evening parties.


Three-time winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade

Why choose this program?!

All our programmes encourage debate and build analytical
and collaboration skills. The courses incorporate practical
problem solving, helping students to understand how new
concepts can be applied to solve global issues. We offer
opportunities to take part in sport and social activities
throughout the courses, and provide trips to world-famous
cities and landmarks.

A Global Community

We believe that global awareness, varied cultural experiences and broad international networks are key to carving a truly strong and successful path in a highly competitive world. Oxford Royale’s summer schools offer exactly this. All of our courses are designed to build confidence and experience, and we proudly welcome students to our global family.

Bright future

Young people join Oxford Royale from all corners of the globe. During their time with us, they embrace the different cultures that other students bring to the mix. These international relationships last well beyond the summer school, giving our alumni a tremendous springboard for their future.


Welcome to our webinar episode about summer schools! In this episode, we’ll be discussing the benefits of attending a summer school program, what to look for when choosing a summer school, and some of the top summer school programs around the world.

Firstly, we’ll be exploring the advantages of attending a summer school. From gaining new skills and knowledge to meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, we’ll be discussing why summer schools are a great opportunity for personal and academic growth.

Next, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to choose the right summer school program for you. We’ll be discussing factors such as location, duration, cost, and program content, to help you make an informed decision.

Lastly, we’ll be highlighting some of the top summer school programs around the world. From academic programs at prestigious universities to language immersion courses in exotic locations, we’ll be showcasing some of the most popular and highly-regarded summer school programs.

So tune in to this episode to learn more about the benefits of summer schools, how to choose the right program, and some of the top summer school programs available.

We work with some of the most recognisable universties in the world!

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