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Age: 50
Country of origin: Bangladesh
Country of living: Sweden
City of living: Stockholm
Education and current job: 
I am a registard nurse, certify coach, NLP practisioner, speaker, moderator, standup-comedian.
Single / Married: Single
Kids: N/A
Height (in cm): 150

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What is your personal definition of motivation, and present the methods you use to inspire others to take action?

Describe yourself

I am a happy courious women in my best mature year.
I live in Sweden, Stockholm since about 47 years now.
I am born in Bangladesh and got adopted to Sweden to Dalarna in a rural area. I grew up in countryside. I meet other adopted people who also are born in Bangladesh.
I am singel and live alone.
I love to be healthy and been passionated within the healthindustry in different ways such as working as a nurse, coach, healthspeaker, personal development,yinyoga teacher, meditation.
I love to have fun, entertainment in different ways and it has turned out as a stand-up-comedian, I been dooing stand up in Sweden, Berlin and in New York and done standup 2 times and I been dooing standup in the TV-show The talent show..
I am qoute interested to learn new things and I been exploring many areas, subjects, business.
I am an author and been in several books such as in holistic health, speaking and adoption books.
I been in Swedish Television severla times such as SVT: First date, TV4 the talent show, and the Come and dine with me.
I been a moderator in the Swedish City Hall for an international fashion show.
I been studying art in Italy, Florence and I was part of an exibition while I was there.

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

I got so happay, motivated and inspired due to you have a beauty competition for a wide rage of ages of women. I am happy to embrace one of my dream to join a beauty pagent, personality contest as a 50 years old women.’
I had a challenging period due to my both adopted parents died in february 2024 and this gave me a positive spark, motivation something positive to look forward to.
I love to dress up, I love to take part as often as I can as dress up, look like a queen, upcoming queen. I feel as a queen inside and on the outside.
I Always like to have a big variety of fancy, colorful, flowe, with some small details dresses and my heart and souil lights up in different ways. I love to inspire and be a rolemodel for other mature women as well dreams are here to be fullfilld. Let our inner child and women to be happa and shine joyusfully.
I like to share my unique style of my personality, my soul, hopfully I can later be a leader, rolemodel, influencer,inspiration, motivation for other people globally which is my dream. Share by an example that is possible to shine as a queen, live your derams, make your dreams come though, even thoug you had a ruff childhood and needed to heal from different trauma and sometimes be very independant in many ways.

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

I have several interests, I love to have fun I am dooing standup as often as I can, I love to write, listen to music, dancing, I am painting, artist, love fashion, clothes, dresses, love flowers, interiordesign, travel, nature, health, personaldevelopment, photos,yoga, walking and beeing out in the nature.
My future dreams are several.
I love to be one rolemodel, influencer,leader by travelling the world and have my own talkshow, be invited to different TV-shows. Sharing my experince both my challenges and how i went, heald my childhoodtrauma and how I find my inner motivation, passion to dream and fulfil my dreams.
I am writing on one of my upcoming books which I love to become a movie.
I am part already in a few books one regrding beeing an expertice within speaking, holistic health, adoption.
I also like to give space for my humor and have my own standup shows globally.
I also like to expand my services to educate and coach other how to create and reach their dreams as a coach.
I love to help poor countries by some charities, people who need support in different ways. I like to support Bangladesh orphanage children. Help adopted children and their mother, parents to find each other again, close the circle.

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