Diamonds Of Business At The Gala Organised By Dr Milena Golda

Diamonds of Business were at a gala organised by Dr Milena Golda. The idea for the publication ‘Business Diamonds and their keys to success’ came from a passion for connecting people, a passion for entrepreneurship, and for helping others through business solutions. Diamonds take billions of years to form in the depths of the earth. […]

Choose To Study LLB Law In The UK!

Want to Become a Mediator? Choose to study LLB Law in the UK! Do you have an uncanny gift for conflict resolution and are considered by friends and family to be conciliatory and always looking for peaceful solutions? This is a real and unique talent that is worth tapping into if you are planning your […]

LLB Law – A Job In The NHS

An LLB Law degree and a job in the UK NHS – what medically related professions can you pursue after these studies? Studying law and then pursuing a career as a lawyer – why not? Working in a law firm offers financial and professional stability, as well as being interesting and challenging. However, this is […]

Accounting And Finance

Accounting and Finance – what jobs can you do after graduating from this degree course in England? You’ve made up your mind – you’re going to graduate with a degree in Finance and Accounting from a UK university. You have always loved mathematics and have been meticulous and accurate in your calculations. However, after some […]

Will Studying Business And Law Help Me Start My Career As A Law Costs Draftsman?

Will Studying Business And Law Help Me Start My Career As A Law Costs Draftsman?#LawCostsDraftsman #law #llblaw #universityHave you always been interested in legal costs matters, but not sure if the academic path you’ve taken will lead you to the career point you dream of? Find out more about the Law Costs Draftsman profession. Convince […]

Advantages Of Studying A Master Of Sciences In Legal Technology

We already do almost everything over the internet – making friends, ordering purchases, sharing our creations or managing our work. Recently, modern technology has been developing at breakneck speed. As a result, we have access to many tools that make everyday work easier, including for lawyers. Regulations are also trying to keep up with technological […]

MSc Cyber Security And Data Governance – What Jobs Can I Get After This Course?

MSc Cyber Security and Data Governance – what job can I get after this degree? #cybersecurity #studyData security is currently one of the most important pillars of any business in the world. Every day, hundreds of millions of files containing sensitive information circulate between company computers. Criminals are just waiting to obtain valuable data and […]

Project Manager – What Is It? How Much Do They Earn? How Do I Become One?

Project Manager is a profession that we hear quite a lot about recently. However, hardly anyone knows what its representatives do. Meanwhile, it is worth taking an interest in this subject, as employers offer Project Managers attractive employment conditions. At the same time, they are looking for real specialists, conducting an extensive recruitment process – […]