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Kamila Żak

Since 2013 I have been running a business related to the area of education. 

I am an entrepreneurial woman who motivates others to change the chosen path of life so that people in the education process find chances for a better tomorrow.

I also took up the challenge myself, I graduated from International Business Management at the bachelor’s level at one of the London universities, 2 years of General Business also at one of the London universities and in 2021 I graduated from International Law – also in London. From my autopsy, I know the problems accompanying future and present students.

  • Develop yourself and improve your qualifications. 
  • Do not consider work as a necessary evil.
  • Be proud of your profession.



2.00 PM – 2.15 PM – Opening of the fair: Motivation Academy


Universities presentations:

2.15 PM – 2.40 PM – Michał Śiwarga – University of Greenwich International College, University of Roehampton International College, De Montfort University International College – 25 min.

2.40 PM – 3.00 PM – Rong Huang – The University of Law – 20 min.

3.00 PM – 3.25 PM – Irmina Iuliana – Elena – QA Higher Education – 25 min.

3.25 PM – 3.45 PM – Francesca McNulty – London Metropolitan University – 20 min.

3.45 PM – 4.05 PM – Shane Mackey – English for Success – 20 min.

4.05 PM – 4.25 PM – Adel Haholt – London College of Creative Media, London College of Contemporary Arts – 20 min.

4.25 PM – 4.45 PM – Matthew Mullard – Anglia Ruskin University, University of Northampton London – 20 min.

4.45 PM – 5.05 PM – Zaheer Abbas Jaffri – UK College of Business and Computing – 20 min.

5.05 PM – 5.25 PM – Maria Visaggio – Oxford Royal Academy – 20 min. 

5.25 PM – 5.40 PM – Student Finance presentation – 15 min.

During the fair – Refreshments and discussions with prospective students.

5.40 PM – 5.55 PM – Closing of the fair: Thanks to the delegates and sponsors.

6.00 PM – 8.30 PM – Polish premiere of the show “Pikantni”.


We are here to help you!

To make sure you get the most out of the course and everything we offer, we will assign you a personal advisor for regular one-on-one meetings where you can seek advice on both the course and your career aspirations. Your advisor is located in our office and has an open-door policy, making it easy for you to speak with him or her when you need to, whether face-to-face or online, by phone or email.

Ensure international education

In an increasingly global economy, it is important to have an international outlook. We work with select global universities and have close ties with many professional bodies around the world that help bring our brand and job excellence to many regions abroad. These collaborations help build a global network of learning and employment opportunities for our students.

Address | Motivation Academy

Educational Fair

The Jeffrey Hall at UCL 
20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL


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